English Remedials for children with learning problems

Success in English means success in all school subjects including Maths, Science, History & Geography

Our experts use a variety of multisensory activities that tap into each student’s interests and help sustain attention

The material is presented in a variety of ways, aurally, verbally, and kinesthetically, to engage each child’s strengths and overcome problem areas

More than just teaching the rules of grammar, our experts use phonics and other methods to:

Increase vocabulary

Develop writing styles

Strengthen reading and comprehension skills

Improve pronunciation

Perfect spellings and grammar

Create a drive, enthusiasm & pride in reading skills

  • Parents, is your child underachieving in school? Does he seem distracted and unable to sit still? Are reading and writing activities difficult for him?
  • Our battery of IQ and Achievement tests can help identify children with learning problems such as dyslexia, dyscalculia or dysgraphia, as well as ADD/HD and memory issues.

English Remedials for gifted children

Our English remedial program is designed to build critical reasoning and writing skills, that will help your child develop a life long love for learning and a solid foundation for academic success

Our English remedials for high achievers and gifted children helps them explore a wide variety of reading material and writing styles in ways that stimulate their critical reasoning, thinking skills and mindset to learn new material

The result is children who achieve significantly higher than their grade level, and experience success in school and beyond

  • Parents, do you feel your child is gifted?
  • Does he possess skills beyond his age level?
  • Our battery of IQ and achievement tests can help identify gifted students and high achievers

"Your child has a wonderful capacity to learn ….. Don’t let it get lost on the way to school"

Kids with Alphabets

Given the right interventions and learning strategies, families will see measureable changes in attitude, confidence and school progress