Math Remedials for children with learning problems

Is your child stressing out over Maths?

Does he have trouble with number sequence?

Is performing calculation and solving problems difficult for him?

If numbers have your child confused you can ‘count on us’ to help him not just catch up, but also to keep up and get ahead in Math.

our methodology

At IBP Remedial Service, our students have the opportunity to

Work with specialized Math materials that help them transition from concrete skills to abstract concepts

Understand numbers and the four basic Math operations through manipulative activities

Begin to relate concepts learnt to real life and everyday situations

Improve attention, memory, perception and cognition to make Mathematical thinking a part of their life

  • Parents, is your child underachieving in school? Does he seem distracted and unable to sit still? Are reading and writing activities difficult for him?
  • Our battery of IQ and Achievement tests can help identify children with learning problems such as dyslexia, dyscalculia or dysgraphia, as well as ADD/HD and memory issues.

Math Remedials for Intellectually gifted children

This program is specifically designed for gifted, talented students and those with exceptional, bright minds at the top of their class

It motivates them to reach further than what is learnt at school, and stimulates them to tackle more challenging topics & concepts

It provides enrichment activities to help students develop a passion for the subject

It challenges & inspires children to master 21st century skills, as careers requiring Math proficiency are growing quickly

  • Parents, do you feel your child is gifted?
  • Does he possess skills beyond his age level?
  • Our battery of IQ and achievement tests can help identify gifted students and high achievers

"Your child has a wonderful capacity to learn ….. Don’t let it get lost on the way to school"


Given the right interventions and learning strategies, families will see measureable changes in attitude, confidence and school progress