Urdu might be our National Language, but that doesn’t mean it comes naturally to all children. Often, Urdu is the second or even third language spoken in the home

From learning the alphabet to writing fluently, our experts can help students of all skills levels develop stronger Urdu confidence

  • Parents, is your child underachieving in school? Does he seem distracted and unable to sit still? Are reading and writing activities difficult for him?
  • Our battery of IQ and Achievement tests can help identify children with learning problems such as dyslexia, dyscalculia or dysgraphia, as well as ADD/HD and memory issues.
Depressed School Boy

Urdu Remedials for gifted children

Urdu is often a challenge for students, and even high achievers find it difficult to excel at this subject Students get bored with the syllabus and find it difficult to identify with the subject matter

At IBP Remedial Service, Urdu is presented in a vibrant, fun and hands on manner. Students are exposed to multiple genres and activities that meet their exact needs – vocabulary, spelling, verbs and grammar all get a boost as your child’s confidence and grades soar

Say “Hanji” to better Urdu grades with IBP
  • Parents, do you feel your child is gifted?
  • Does he possess skills beyond his age level?
  • Our battery of IQ and achievement tests can help identify gifted students and high achievers.

"Your child has a wonderful capacity to learn ….. Don’t let it get lost on the way to school"


Given the right interventions and learning strategies, families will see measureable changes in attitude, confidence and school progress